Optimizing Performance through Menopause

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The number of women estimated to be menopausal by 2025 is one billion (WHO). Yet, most of us are ill-equipped to work with and customize our gameplans to meet the needs of this growing demographic.

News flash that’s not a hot flash: This demographic is probably younger than you think. Perimenopause can last for up to a decade, beginning in a client's 40s. Disrupted sleep, changes to body composition, and night sweats – the list of debilitating symptoms is long, and yet the amount of time anyone discusses them is very short. Why? Cultural stigma prevents many from seeking assistance. Limited understanding also keeps people quiet.

Too many suffer in silence. But that ends here.

Straightforward and effective strategies are available to mitigate the severity of menopausal symptoms. This comprehensive online learning course will help you identify when your client may be struggling with this transition and arm you with the tools needed to provide support and empowerment.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of the underlying physiology and architecture of menopause but also how you can customize gameplans specifically to offset what her body is experiencing.

The course combines theory through video presentations and insightful case studies. It also includes a comprehensive workbook, bonus video interviews, and a robust reference list to supplement your education.

Available Course Credits

ACSM 7.00
NASM 0.80

Learning Objectives

+ Understand commonly misused key terms such as perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.

+ Get an overview of the physiology and architecture of the perimenopausal transition.

+ Learn the socio-cultural influence on the experience and symptoms of perimenopause.

+ Gain a general overview of the components of an Exos gameplan and how to target the symptoms of perimenopause.

+ Discover a unique model for the support of perimenopausal clients, including strategies for both brain and body.

+ Dig into two unique case studies highlighting the implementation of gameplan recommendations targeted specifically at the perimenopausal experience.

Course Content

Understanding Menopause
An Exos Approach
Psychological Reframe
Mid-Point Check In
Angela's Case Study
Michelle's Case Study
Bonus Material
Final Exam
Digital Course Feedback

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