2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: Featuring Jordan Syatt, Michael Boyle, Pat Van Galen, Scott Livingston and MBSC Staff (Home Study)

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The 2023 MBSC Seminar features the best of the best in fitness education.

Complete with 8+ hours of lice lectures from Jordan Syatt, Michael Boyle, Scott Livingston, Pat Van Galen and MBSC Staff Members Kevin Carr, Dan McGinley, Vinny Talluto and Eric Daddario.

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Presentation Titles and Descriptions:

Jordan Syatt - "How to Grow an Engaged Social Media Audience to Build a Successful Online Coaching Business"

In Jordan's presentation, he will discuss how to connect and market with your online audience to help build a thriving online fitness business.

With an online following of nearly one million people Jordan Syatt as become one of the world's most trusted fitness experts. His rise to prominence has been largely supported by his ability to share expert advice in an easily understood and accessible manner to both everyday people and fitness professionals.

In this presentation; he will share to create an authentic online presence while building a successful online business.

Pat Van Galen - "The Aging Accelerants … Counter to Buffer"

How much can we influence the ‘pace’ at which we age?

With a glut of hacks and quick fixes to age younger, the self-help obsession has nit-picked granule band-aids for Big Rock problems. This is exactly why we coaches are needed more than ever.

Whether we are on the FRONT end of primary prevention, the BACK end of known disease and referrals, or anywhere in between, our coaching must effectively construct and fortify an environment ripe for repair and regeneration, extending health-brain-play-spans.

Chronic disease has its roots in the 4 I's, what I coin the Aging Accelerants. We CAN counter through a 5-7-3 approach to bolstering Hardiness, the resilience, durability and robustness to buffer father time, and bounce back from the curveballs of life.

Scott Livingston - "Using Video Analysis to Inform Your Programming”

In this session, Scott will take numerous common performance movement strategies, review video, explore thin slicing (kilograms) clarify key movement attributes, and describe how key observations and takeaways can inform your training programming.

Michael Boyle - "40 Years, 40 Mistakes"

As I enter my 40th year of coaching I love to look back on the lessons learned. I always say that one thing I have more of than most coaches is experience. I'm a part of the first generation of strength and conditioning coaches. We were young men who went to college and eventually entered a profession that we didn't even realize existed when we started college.

One of my most popular articles was 25 Mistakes, 25 Years. I won't rewrite that, I'll simply add fifteen more made these last fifteen years. In 25 Mistakes I focused on a combination of coaching mistakes and personal failings. I will do the same here but in reverse order. In 25 Mistakes I focused on coaching first personal second. I could almost make that Mistake 26.


Vinny Talluto -“How to Coach and Execute Semi-Private Group Training”

Understanding the science and the art side of coaching is what truly separates great coaches from the rest. It will also be the reason clients get results, create buzz that keeps them coming back, endless referrals, and because of it more money into your pocket.

In this presentation, Vinny will share his best principles, insights, strategies and tactics, and most importantly, philosophy, on how to do it.

If you're a coach, gym owner, group trainer, this lecture can be gold, IF you apply it and do it consistently.

Kevin Carr - "Get Moving! - How To Get Clients Started and Make Them Stay"

In the United States less than 25% of people over the age of 18 meet the minimum physical activity guidelines for strength training and cardiovascular exercise. No matter how good our training programs are we’re failing to get the everyday person into the gym consistently.

Despite generating tons of leads, too often well-meaning gym-owners and coaches lose new clients before they are ever able to show them the positive impact their gym can have on them.

In this presentation, Kevin will share with you the formula that they use at MBSC to attract, convert and grow new clients so they become lifetime members at your training facility.

In this presentation, we will discuss real-world examples of:

  • How To Market Your Facility
  • How To On-Board New Clients and Integrate Them Into Your Gym Culture
  • How To Build Programs To Get Them Comfortable In A New Training Environment
  • How To Convert New Clients Into Lifetime Members

Dan McGinley - “The Aging Adult: Preventing Common Age-Related Injuries.

Aging is an inevitable part of life but breaking down physically with age doesn’t have to be. In this presentation we’ll look at how the systems in the body, including muscle, bone, connective tissue, and the cardiorespiratory system change with age. I’ll show you how we adapt our adult training at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning based on these changes. We’ll also learn how you can adapt your own programs to keep adult clients healthy and fit no matter what stage of the aging process they are in.

Eric Daddario - "How To Become A Trusted Resource In Your Clients Life”

You never know what your clients or athletes are going through in life. Just because it doesn't seem like their not struggling doesnt mean their not. A lot of times when peple are struggling they will open up to talk about what they are going through with someone they trust. After hearing my talk, strength coaches will be able to place themselves as that trusted adult, for any client or athletes struggling to help them. They will also see the importence of being a trusted adult in their client or athletes life.

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Course Content

2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "Get Moving: How To Get Clients Started and Make Them Stay" - Kevin Carr Copy
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "How To Build A Dedicated Online Following" - Jordan Syatt
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "The Aging Accelerants - Counter to Buffer" - Pat Van Galen
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "Using Video to Inform Your Programming" - Scott Livingston
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "40 Years, 40 Mistakes" - Michael Boyle
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "Training The Aging Adult Client" - Dan McGinley
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "The DNA of World Class Group Coaching" - Vinny Talluto
2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: Group Q&A
BONUS: 2023 MBSC Spring Seminar: "Asking For Help: How To Become A Trusted Resource For Your Clients" - Eric Daddario
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